Sliding door, 2-step with upper rail – Perfect solution when space is limited




When choosing a door for mesh walls, there are several parameters to consider. What should the door be used for? What function should it have? In what environment should the door be located? What safety features are needed? Here you will find information about what is important to consider when choosing a guard door and when it is appropriate to choose a sliding door, 2-step with upper rail.


In what environment is the door suitable?

The environment in which the machine safety door is to be installed is important when making the decision, because there are doors which are not suitable for all types of surroundings. For example, a humid environment can affect the condition of the door. However, our sliding doors can be used in most environments. For example:

  • Industry
  • Warehouse premises
  • Storage solutions
  • Openings in area boundaries


Advantageous features of the door:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Suitable for limited spaces
  • No special panels are needed for the door
  • Suitable for most environments and work areas
  • Possibility to extend door leaf
  • Several customizations option
  • Can be used together with our wide range of cable trays

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