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The safest storeroomwalls on the market!

When the need for safe storeroomwalls, Axelent can offer the best solutions in the market, whether if it’s in a new premises or a renovation. Our overall concept helps you all the way from drawing to a mounted storage solution tailored for your needs.

Storeroom F





Our own installers

We have our own installers with experience and knowledge of how the products are best adapted and installed in different types of spaces. This way we can guarantee that you get your storeroomwalls mounted- quickly and easily!

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Four storeroom systems


Depending on safety and transparency requirements, we offer four systems in mesh or sheet metal. No matter which solution you choose, all storage types have reinforced door construction and are prepared for padlocks or our unique cylinder system X-It. The doors are handicapped accessible, without thresholds and are delivered mounted ready. Please complete your storage with shelves and license plate.

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