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Our culture is the basis for all our actions

Many things changes in the world and also here at Axelent, but there is one thing that continues to stay the same. Axelent's culture, or the "Axelent spirit" as we call it, is one of our most important competitive advantages. It defines who we are as a company and how we manage our business relationships. Our culture is the basis for all our actions, how we take care of each other as a team and how we give back to the society.

At Axelent we are true entrepreneurs with a focus upon stable growth – to grow as a company but also to help our customers and suppliers to grow and be successful. We learn from our mistakes and have the willingness and trust to try new things. We are always dedicated to do our best and with great quality, for the task in front of us but also to our colleagues and to our partners.

We thrive from speed, taking fast decisions and deliver speed to our customer and we have fun while we get things done. We take responsibility for our actions but also for the society in large. We care about our roots and our social responsibility, and we see ourselves as part of a greater whole.

We want to be transparent and to practice what we preach and most of all – we want to continue to deliver Safety to the world.

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