What does safety mean to you?




Our safety culture means that we share our knowledge, inform our colleagues and customers about the risks that exist and that we all have the will to reduce them. As soon as you step through the doors at Axelent, this journey begins. From having to use work shoes with a steel cap if entering our production facility to that customer support provide the right recommendations in conversations with our customers. We asked the question "What does safety mean to you?" to several Axelent colleagues around the world. This is how they answered…


”For me, safety and security as a whole are largely related to the fact that we live in a society that is governed by the rule of law. There is a sense that we have laws and regulations that are there to protect us. I also associate it with having family and friends that form a secure network. – Emma Johnsson, Global Sales Axelent Sweden 

”For me, safety is knowledge. To know about the dangerous situations we can encounter every day, crossing the road, walking through the woods or above all in the workplace. Training helps us in some situations to secure or manage a critical situation in the best possible way. When I have knowledge of the danger I can either prevent it or at least manage it.” – Lorenzo Pavan, Sales Axelent Italy 

”Safety is basically about making everything work well and efficiently while being safe. In Sweden, we are really good at safety solutions in all conceivable situations that are there in our everyday lives. To have a network of people that you can always fall back on.” – Teo Erlandsson, Warehouse employee Axelent Sverige  


”Safety means the consideration to ensure healthy and unharming environments of work. Better efficiency of production never has to increase against integrity of workers. Work safer is work better.” Eric Plana, Technical office Axelent Spain 


”It can be as simple as putting out cycle helmets for your children, even though they are teenagers and would rather not wear them. The things Axelent is working on are all about protecting others as well. It’s hard to give examples of all the little safety measures we put in place in our daily lives, because we don’t notice them.” Gabriella Valencia, Machine operator Axelent Sweden 


”If you must think twice whether something is safe to do it is probably not safe. Safety is the most important thing in any company or life in general. When doing your job always think of the next person if what you did will be safe for them on receiving end. Also, a big factor in safety is Ergonomics as we go thru our daily routines on the job or in life it is good to change it up so nothing is repetitive. Safety is a state of mind which needs to be embedded in every aspect of life.” Matthew Redder, Purchasing/Inventory Manager Axelent USA 


”Safety for me is to be able to have a daily life where you can perform at work or do the hobbies you like, in a way where the risk of injuries is minimal. That my children can have an active life, where risks are minimized with simple means.” Sara Ekman, Technical project manager Axelent Sweden 


”For me, safety means guaranteeing each individual and worker a certain level of protection and prevention. Feeling safe in your workplace is essential, especially in today’s world where complexity and high technology are the masters. A good knowledge of the systems and the environment around us allows us to recognize risks and know how to manage them. On a personal level, safety is feeling at ease with oneself (self-confidence), the scent of home and the arms of the people we love.”Nicole Randazzo, customer support Axelent Italy  


”Safety to me is all about taking responsibility for each other’s wellbeing. Not just physically like we do here at Axelent with guarding and barriers, but also in in our personal interactions with each other. It is a collaborative effort, and we can all help in small ways to ensure people feel safe and looked after. It is fantastic to be a part of a team that values this in the products we make, and the culture we create.” Thomas Shelley Technical sales manager Axelent UK 


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