Towards a safer and substainable world


Sustainability, the environment and occupational health and safety are an integral part of our operations. We take responsibility for our actions and care about our roots and our social environment. 


Axelents sustainability goals is to reduce climate and environmental impact 

Our goal is to limit our negative footprint on the environment while growing our business. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions throughout the company’s value chain, starting with our procurements, continuing further down the line in our own operations, until we reach the end of the product’s lifecycle. 

At Axelent we are focusing on people 

Through clear values and a strong culture, we want to become the most attractive employer in our industry, with the best and safest possible working environment. Our approximately 300 employees are strongly motivated to develop, make a difference and search out innovative solutions, always with the customer’s best interests in mind. 

Our corporate citizenship 

Axelent has never been a company whose sole purpose is to sell as many products as possible. We care about our origins and our social responsibility, and see ourselves as part of a broader context.

Read our CSR report (Corporate Social Responsibility) to gain more insights into our work.

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