Storeroom systems

Axelent Storeroom walls exists in four different systems: F, FK, FK+ and FP. The choice of storage system depends on the demands on security and insight. Ask us! We consult you with drawing and installation!







We have a total offer!

From the first established contact to a completely installed storeroom.
Axelent are with you throughout the whole process.

Our four storage systems cover all needs

Axelent Safe-X offers four different systems: F, FK, FK + and FP. The choice of storage wall depends on the requirements for security and transparency. Regardless of which option suits you best, all storage types have reinforced door construction and can be combined with each other. The doors are disability accessible, without thresholds and are delivered complete to facilitate installation.

Bright and fresh!
Storage walls and posts are as standard painted in RAL 9018. The light gray color gives a fresh and integrated impression.

High ceilings? No problem!
According to current standards for burglary protection, the distance between storage wall and ceiling must not exceed 15-20 cm. Axelent's storage walls are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the prevailing ceiling height and thus meet the standards that apply. The storage rooms can also be fitted with net roofs in cases where the ceiling height exceeds 3.5 meters.

Smart storage solutions. Cut and clear!
The supply systems F, FK and FK + can be cut to the required height if necessary. At the top is a U-profile for the purpose of being able to easily adapt to all types of apartment storage.

Even safer with Axelent Safe-X Assistance

Burglary and vandalism in basement and attic storage is common no matter how safe a space may be thought to be. In addition to the loss of missing items for homeowners, burglary involves large costs for property owners every year. When purchasing storage walls from Axelent Safe-X, our service Axelent Safe-X Assistance* is included.

Who is it for?
One year of free Axelent Safe-X Assistance is offered to all customers who shop from us, provided that we have carried out the installation of the storage walls *. The service means that, in the event of a burglary in a warehouse, we rectify this within 2 weeks of the notification being made to us. In order for you as a customer to be able to use Axelent Safe-X Assistance, it is required that the burglary has been reported to the police and approved, and that a classified padlock has been used (padlock, class 2). It must also be possible to prove that a burglary has taken place in the building itself. Scratches and dents on materials are not seen as valid reasons for using Axelent Safe-X Assistance.

*Axelent Safe-X Assistance only applies to the storeroom systems FK, FK + and FP, alternatively also system F, provided that it is used in combination with FK, FK + or FP.

Choose the right lock!

To ensure that your home insurance is valid at a burglary in the storage, thee lock class 2 has to be used. We recommend a lock with mounting.


A: 20 - 42 mm 

B: 21,5 - 32,5 mm 

C: ≤ 10 mm